For 139 years, the BAYARD company knew how to imagine, invent, design and manufacture innovative products to meet the various sanitary, technical and societal requirements. So, the first BAYARD stand post fountain was created in 1901, the first pillar fire hydrant in 1910, and many more inventions were patented during the following years. During these last decades, numerous challenges were faced by the BAYARD teams. Thus ideas were born by passion and some products of our current range still bear the name of these creators such as Hydro ” Savy “. Our historical know-how, our ability to innovate, as well as our manufacturing quality have always been anchored in BAYARD’S DNA. You can discover this spirit of “solutions creators” through our latest innovations: electronic innovations (SMART range) such as our new SENTINEL acoustic correlation leak detection device, mechanical innovations such as the SECURE KIT to fight against the street pooling phenomenon or PREVENTIS to avoid accidental pollution of networks and also hydraulic solutions such as our new HYDROBLOC PREMIUM automatic control valve for permanent and sustainable control of your networks. Ideas would be nothing without the ability to industrialize them. Our factory in Meyzieu enables us every day to manufacture the solutions we create for our customers.


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